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Located just one-half mile away from our current facility, each of the 20 units are 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and will be fully-furnished. This will be a rental situation with 2 men per apartment, sharing electric and water and without the required deposits or background checks that normal apartment complex’s require. There will be a required 6 month initial commitment and an option for another 6 months or possibly long-term rental. The complex is located in a quiet area, on Lake Fairview and has a pool. (see photos below).  This “sober city” will be for past, present, current and future alumni. There will be residential staff who will keep an eye on things to ensure that our sober community stays sober.

There will be some restrictions that will be spelled out in a “code of conduct” lease agreement, and it includes restrictions such as curfews and a weekly support group meeting and random drug screens to ensure everyone remains sober.

YES! We currently have availabilities!

See What Others Have to Say

Having the added accountability and classes after treatment truly made the difference in my recovery! It’s like a midway step between being in a program and being completely on your own. You still have counselors to go to at any time!

FSM GraduateAftercare Resident

It was truly a blessing being given the opportunity for aftercare with FSM! 5 years and 3 months sober!

FSM GraduatePrevious Aftercare Client

This time I’ve grasped the knowledge of God. And, once I learned how to submit, my life has never been the same (and I thank God and Fresh Start for that). Out with the old and in with the new. Today, I’m further in life’s recovery than I’ve ever been before.

FSM GraduateCurrent Aftercare Resident

The Fruit of Fresh Start Ministries speaks for itself. And thank You Jesus that You made the Way!

FSM GraduatePrevious Resident

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